Here you'll find a fully functional 120 Cell permutation puzzle, which can be considered the 4-dimensional analogue of Megaminx.

 Below is one example view of it scrambled
(some layers have been cut away).


This puzzle has an obscene number of parts (2641 pieces with a total of 7560 stickers).  It also has a comically huge number of possible positions (2.3 x 108126).  David Smith calculated this for us and has provided all the digits of this number and a high quality explanation of how he derived it.

Rest assured that Magic120Cell is solvable!  The following extraordinary individuals have the claim to fame of solving this puzzle since the first release on May 4th, 2008.

Noel Chalmers (video) 12/13/08
Matt Galla 12/31/10
Adam Ford @age 15! 03/08/11
Nan Ma using Magic Puzzle Ultimate 06/19/11
Kitti Varga 08/21/11
Andrey Astrelin using Magic Puzzle Ultimate 09/01/11
Philip Strimpel 11/21/12
Raymond Zhao @age 16! 08/30/14
Alvin Yang @age 14! (video) 07/20/15
Guderian Raborg 12/25/15
Douglas Shamlin 08/07/16
Jeremy Shahan 04/06/17
Michiel Vandecappelle 01/27/21
Charles Doan @age 14, and SHORTEST solution! (video) 05/14/21
Djair Maynart 12/10/21
Jordan Zahra 07/10/23

Solve any of the available puzzles and I will include your name here as well (just like is done for the cube puzzles in the The MagicCube4D Hall of Fame and The MagicCube5D Hall of Insanity).

1C pieces highlighted


2C pieces highlighted


2C + 3C pieces highlighted

Only 2C pieces not highlighted

And no worries because there are features to help you along your way.  The screenshots above show:

- how you can turn sets of cells off to focus on portions of the puzzle (in this case only 3 of 12 cell rings are left displayed).

- how you can highlight only certain piece types.  Like the 4-dimensional Rubik analogue, there are pieces with 0, 1, 2, or 3 different colored stickers attached.

(These pics show one of the simpler puzzles with repeated colors on cells in the solved state.)

If you're going to try to solve the full puzzle (highest difficulty with 120 different cell colors), and I hope you do, here is an indispensable hint to help you distinguish between the large number of colors.  Shift+Ctrl+Click provides piece finding functionality.  Full info is on the help menu in the program.

There is more to see and discover, so install and take a look around.  I hope you enjoy!

Are you ready to give it a shot?




latest update posted update 9-17-08

This program requires an OpenGL accelerated graphics card, and will require you to install the .Net 2.0 Runtime.  It will also place a shortcut on your desktop to the program.

120Cell Explorer Notes


These were written for the non-puzzle version of this program, but some info there may help you until I am able to write out notes for this.



Magic120Cell is based on many of the concepts and ideas from MagicCube4D.  The 4D Cubing Group is an excellent forum to discuss and ask questions, and joining and/or searching it is a good way to get further information about this puzzle.


All Magic120Cell images on this site are in the public domain.  Images you produce with Magic120Cell are your property.

Magic120Cell was written by Roice Nelson.  Send suggestions or comments to roice "at"


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120 Cell Explorer