MagicCube5D Hall of Insanity


This page is devoted to listing those individuals crazy enough to have solved any of the MC5D puzzles.  If you conquer any of these cubes, send your log file to and we'll post it here!

We'd love to see you on this list!
(read about how one hypercubist did it)


25 Solutions

Sebastian Dumitrescu

06/08/06 Log File

Remigiusz Durka

07/22/06 Log File

Wouter Meesen

01/01/07 Log File

John Gibson

12/11/07 Log File

Douglas Winship

10/20/08 Log File

Mateusz Burnicki

01/01/09 Log File

Levi Wegner

01/24/09 Log File

Jon Sorrells

05/27/09 Log File

Craig Durward

12/28/09 Log File

Philip Strimpel

09/11/13 Log File


35 Solutions

Roice Nelson

05/16/06 Log File
Remigiusz Durka 05/25/06 Log File
Michal Wizner 05/26/06 Log File
Carl-Johan Kjellander 06/9/06 Log File
Noel Chalmers 12/12/06 Log File
Wouter Meesen 01/12/07 Log File
Martin Jenkins 01/20/07 Log File
Konrad Przetacznik 07/25/07 Log File
Mateusz Burnicki 07/31/07 Log File
Mark Oram 08/06/07 Log File
Michael Kokosenski 08/23/07 Log File
John Gibson 01/19/08 Log File
Lucas Javier Awad 08/06/08 Log File
Douglas Winship 10/20/08 Log File
Marcin Kostrzewa 01/06/09 Log File
Tyler Poole 05/14/09 Log File
Matthew Sheerin 05/23/09 Log File
Jon Sorrells 05/24/09 Log File
Ethan Muldoon 07/20/09 Log File
Anthony Deschamps 10/03/09 Log File
Christopher Locke 01/01/10 Log File
Craig Durward 01/01/10 Log File
Jon Scott, @ age 16 07/26/10 Log File
Conrad Stansbury 08/18/10 Log File
Andras Ecseki 08/30/10 Log File
Andrey Astrelin 09/02/10 (using MC7D) Log File
Adam Ford, @ age 15 03/27/11 Log File
咖啡味的茶, @ age 17 04/20/11 Log File
Nan Ma 07/03/11 (using MC7D) Log File
Zsolt Fabian 07/11/11 Log File
Raymond Zhao, @ age 13 08/24/11 Log File
Michiel Vandecappelle, @ age 18 10/26/11 Log File
Karl Laczko 12/16/11 Log File
Alex Lubker 04/01/12 Log File
Philip Strimpel 06/07/12 Log File
Mathias Smits, @ age 17 06/25/12 Log File
Chris Lewis-Brown 07/13/12 Log File
Russell Sherrill 08/07/12 (using MC7D) Log File
PJ Apruzzese 05/06/13 (using MC7D) Log File
Brendan Dosch 06/15/13 (using MC7D) Log File
Eero Neijonen 12/15/13 (using MC7D) Log File
Jordan Baum 02/24/14 Log File
Cain Corriveau 08/26/14 Log File


45 Solutions

Noel Chalmers

03/19/08 Log File

Douglas Winship

01/08/09 Log File

Craig Durward

01/17/10 Log File

Adam Ford

07/05/11 Log File


55 Solutions

Noel Chalmers

04/01/08 Log File

Craig Durward

02/14/10 Log File


65 Solutions

Levi Wegner

01/24/09 Log File



75 Solutions

Matthew Sheerin

Friday the 13th, Nov 2009 Log File

Ethan Muldoon

01/06/2011 Log File


Shortests Solutions

Shortest 25 ~693 twists

Douglass Winship 10/20/08

Shortest 35 - 2262 twists

Andras Ecseki 02/05/11

Shortest 45 ~16513 twists

Noel Chalmers 03/19/08

Shortest 55 ~25983 twists

Noel Chalmers 04/01/08

Shortest and only 65

Levi Wegner 01/24/09

Shortest 75 ~293180 twists

Matthew Sheerin 11/13/09

You can watch these logs in reverse similar to watching log files in MC4D.  After loading into the program, press ctrl-z to undo 1 move, then select "Solve" from the Options menu.  Be warned, with thousands of twists, these can take a long time to complete.


35, 55, and 75

Nelson Garcia provided these log files 
for checkerboard patterns.

3^5 Checkerboard

5^5 Checkerboard

7^5 Checkerboard


2d and 3d Solutions

 Don Hatch wrote a computer program to solve these general puzzle forms (within the limits of the computer resources)!  We will hopefully integrate this into MC5D at some point so that users can generate solutions to watch using the MC5D interface.



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