Welcome to Roice's Homepage!

This is the place where I share some of my hobbies and projects.  I hope you find some of it interesting.  

My girlfriend (who I am married to) Sarah Nemec and I also have a personal page.


Have great fun and learn the laws of gravity without even realizing it!  This visually oriented openGl program is my first shareware project.

Computer Art

Below is a daily updated posting of computer generated art.  The link will take you to a larger set of these images and a description of how they are made.

120 Cell

Explore the amazing number of symmetries belonging to this 4 dimensional polytope, often considered the generalization of the dodecahedron.


My latest nutty hobby.  It is so much fun and great exercise, but slightly dangerous.  After breaking my arm, I now always wear wrist guards!

3x3x3x3 Solution

Take the Rubik's cube to the next level by tackling this four dimensional analog of the puzzle.  The link above takes you to a solution I've published for Superliminal's version of the puzzle (called MagicCube4D).

3x3x3x3x3 Puzzle

There is always another level!  Check out this freeware 5D analog of Rubik's cube.





Huge Cube

Thought I'd share another outcome of my bout with OCRD (Obsessive Compulsive Rubik's Disorder).

Wall Chess

Bigger is definitely better!